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Picnic FAQs

  • Why is it important for companies to host picnics and social gatherings?

    Getting away from the work environment allows everyone to come together in a neutral setting, providing the best opportunity to build lasting comradery.

  • What is the capacity?

    We are able to host up to 6,000 people on our 34.5-acre picnic grounds.

  • Do you have the needed equipment to make my gathering a success?

    Yes, we provide all the picnic tables, microphones, speakers, plates, napkins, cups, ice, sports and game equipment and so much more.

  • How is the food?

    Reunion Ranch is known for award winning bar-b-que. In addition to Bar-b-que our talented Chef has a wealth of options and is always happy to customize.

  • Why Reunion Ranch?

    With over 40 activities to choose from, professional staff, amazing food and beautiful Hill Country, you and your team will have an amazing time! Plus you, the planner, can relax knowing we have you covered.

  • What is the role of the Reunion Ranch staff on event day?

    Our professional team will facilitate all organized activities. In addition to set-up and clean-up we round up teams for canoe relays, pull together volleyball tournaments, ring the dinner bell, lifeguard the swimming pool, and what parents seem to love best of all, completely supervise and facilitate the kid’s activities!

  • May we bring in our own entertainers or other professional event vendors?

    While the Ranch offers so many entertainment opportunities it is rarely needed, we do allow outside vendors. Prior approval of your vendor is needed so that we may ensure the day runs smoothly.

  • When may our event begin and when will it need to end?

    Picnic groups may schedule the first half of the day (morning in to early afternoon) or the second half of the day (afternoon into early evening). Of course let us know your needs!

  • What happens if it rains on our event day?

    The picnic may be postponed to our next available date of your choice. Keep in mind sprinkles don’t have to spoil the fun! We have had some of the most lively groups when then sky provided liquid refreshment.

  • What sets Reunion Ranch apart?

    In addition to our 40+ activities, our team is committed to the success of your party and will promote it with balloons and posters as well as live Hoop and Holler cowboys, all brought right to you.

  • Where do I begin?

    Reach out to Chad at 512 515-6200 or and he will guide you through all aspects, making your picnic a success. Chad is here to help from start to finish, from amenity & activity selection, food and beverage menus, promoting the picnic, to setup & clean-up, Chad is great with the details!

Saddlecreek Crossing FAQs

  • What is the capacity?

    We can host up 500 guests seated and up to 800 reception style within our indoor venue, Saddlecreek Crossing at Reunion Ranch. If combined with the outdoors we can easily exceed these numbers, so let us know your needs.

  • Do you have the needed equipment to make my gathering a success?

    Yes, we have tables and chairs to accommodate more than 500 guests. Additionally, we include Wi-Fi, in-house sound system, microphones, speakers, projection, china plates, flatware, napkins, barware, ice, tables linens, house décor, day-of coordinator, stage and much, much more. If additional items are needed, or you prefer to customize further, we can easily procure pieces for your celebration.

  • How is the food?

    While we are known for our award-winning bar-b-que the very talented Chef Cody will gladly prepare anything from fajitas to filet mignon and is always happy to customize.

  • Who provides the beverages and bartending?

    Our TABC certified bartenders will care for your guests’ beverage needs. As we are licensed in the sale of alcohol, all beer, wine and liquor is provided and served by our team, giving you peace of mind. Of course, you can elect to forgo all alcohol, host portions of it or we can offer a no-host cash service to your guests.

  • What is the role of the Reunion Ranch staff?

    Our aim is to provide comprehensive assistance from planning to celebration. We will facilitate rehearsals & ceremonies, emcee the gathering, work all audio and visual pieces, provide DJ services, run your timeline with cues for planned activities, provide professional wait staff and assist you at the conclusion with loading up your personal belongings.

  • May we bring in our own entertainers or other professional event vendors?

    The Ranch includes so much of the day-of support that many of our hosts find we have everything needed for a successful celebration. If needed, you may utilize services from outside vendors. From wedding cakes to bands and photographers we encourage you to hire reputable, licensed vendors. Please know we are happy to handle these details for you or make recommendations.

  • When may our event begin and when will it need to end?

    Saddlecreek is all about your needs! Start and end times vary depending on your unique needs.

  • What happens if it rains on our event day?

    Saddlecreek Crossing at Reunion Ranch features both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, giving you versatility and peace of mind.

Where do I begin?

Reach out to us at 512-515-6200 or email us at one of the following:

Alicia Witt, Wedding & Social Coordinator –

Chad Knudsen, Banquet & Corporate Gatherings –

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